The best things in love are still free

Take some mirth and joy out of the heading. You have to agree that it is a nice play with words. It is a useful allusion to the stated fact that the best things in life are free. Love is one of those things, but these days, it is so hard to come by. Whether it is to do with so much busyness in your lives or some downright downheartedness, perhaps you were looking in all the wrong places, especially if you are desperate for love at this time.

Whether you are desperate or just plain curious now might be a good time to let your hair loose a little. Now is the time to not take life so seriously, because this is important for what could happen next. At least this is the suggestion. And don’t worry about doing up your hair just yet, you’re not going to be meeting the guy (or girl) of your dreams just yet. First you’re going to take a free-spirited and fun-loving approach towards using the extra help that comes from a free love tarot reading. Along the way, you’ll be given some handy advice on how to approach your newest love affair.

Now, when we said that you need to loosen up a little, we did not suggest that you should dismiss the tarot reading with a pinch of salt. If you’re going to try out the psychic, you’re still going to need to take her a little seriously. The work she’s about to turn out for you is serious and is never taken lightly. Before the reading is done, or any spells are cast, if that’s the other route you choose to go, she’ll be advising you quite seriously on how you should behave during the episode of alternative forecasting and/or evaluation.

Working up or perfecting your New York City jazz moods or repertoires

If you have been living in New York City all of your life, you may already have the impression that you are gifted. There are many good reasons for this. One of them is the richness of variety. This comes by way of a multitude of cultures which have inspired hundreds of sidewalk cafés and bistros and restaurants of many flavors, traditional or utterly new. It is the same with music. An avid lover of jazz, perhaps, you have lost count of the number of jazz singer new york billboards being put up around every other pillar or post that you pass by in your neighborhood.

The musical inspiration, of course, is not confined to New Yorkers. Many music fans from around the world, those who have been privileged to do so, have flocked to the famous music halls from Broadway to Carnegie Hall to hear some of the world’s best known jazz and classical musicians play before them for limited or extended periods of time. No less privileged are those, local or visiting who stroll through the city’s famous Central Park to hear gifted musicians play for them, whether purely out of love for their genre, or to make ends meet.

Local or visiting, maybe you’ve been there. Maybe you’ve been plying your trade in the Park or a station corner. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could benefit with a little extra help from a friend of music. Locate a specialist in your genre or a worldly journeyman or woman who can hone your skills as a jazz or classical musician or tenor or songbird. Come down off of your soap box and go forward in your career making your voice or chords heard.

The Top Stars and Movies of 2016 Fallen and Risen

The latest in Hollywood entertainment is almost always overwhelming. With relationships and scandals between the stars and a constant competition for the Red Carpet, it is no wonder this is one of the top grossing industries in the world. Many of these great Stars we know and love have passed, some are still very much alive, and others passed too young, but left fantastic musical contributions aside.

This year, in 2016, North America made well over $11 billion. Some of the finest in West LA Entertainment has been coming out. Amidst the death of Robin Williams, David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Alan Thicke, and many more, the entertainment industry is buzzing with new talent to pay homage to the greats. The movie industry ended up reeling in 11.3 billion.

The first top grossing movie of the year is “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. The second is the animated musical “Sing” by Universal, and the Sci-Fi adventure “Passengers” came in at third. With so many good movies out, it is impossible to name them all, but these are the top three which brought in the most money per movie for 2016.

Even the music industry is part of the entertainment industry. Can you think of a movie without music? Many of the popular movies also have hits from posthumous Stars. Consider the music of George Michael. He was quite a pop idol in the ‘90’s also known from the band “WHAM” from that time. He went on to a rather creative career and his music can be heard directly or as covers by other artists in so many movies. He passed this year at the age of 53.

We have a Movie Star and Pop Idol oriented world and we love it to a huge extent. Sometimes we may not realize how powerful the influence is in our lives and on future generations.